Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Oxford Commercial Photographer - Kim Martin - Trip to Honfleur France

Nothing ever goes to plan however much you try to plan for every eventuality.
We went off to France for a few days, we booked early, then typically the French went on strike and a large number of Europeans decided they would try to come to England, none of whom had tickets, all at the same time.
Never the less Euro Tunnel did a sterling job and we went through without any delays. The drive down to Honfleur was OK a little rain. When we reached our Hotel 10 minutes away from the Centre the sun started to shine, so I loaded up my bags with all my gear plus my Tripod and off we walked into Town. (The first evening was just for re-con as we had not been here before).
I took a few photos and sorted out where I would set up the Tripod for the Panoramas which were the main reason for coming to France.
I always shoot in RAW what ever the occasion as a matter of course, so I got all my location shots that I wanted before dinner as well as a couple of test panos.
We had one of the best dinners I have ever had in France we sat outside under an awning and ate beautiful food and drank a wonderful bottle of wine.
As we wandered back into the centre the light on the town was great so I thought I would get a test night pano, expecting to go back next evening which would be the Monday for the final pano.
Once back at the Hotel I downloaded the images from the card onto my travelling hard disk.
It was after downloading I noticed that the last 20 shots were jpeg, this was a little odd as I never change my quality setting.
Obviously I had and can only put that down to the wine.
So off to bed.
Next morning we awoke to torrential rain and strong winds with only the briefest breaks in the weather.
We took the car into town and wandered between one cafe and the next totally unable to get the shots I wanted.
I being forever optimistic thought that by the evening things would get better and I would at least get a few minutes in the evening to recapture the night shot.
So the evening arrived and guess what, everything was closed and all the lights were turned off and it was still raining, so I had no chance to recapture the previous evenings pano.
I did however manage to get a couple of shots I was pleased with and I have attached them below the night shot is from the jpeg.

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