Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin Photographic - Natalie-Louise

A couple of days ago I had a shoot with Natalie-Louise from Model Mayhem.
Not only was she on time, she was reasonably prepared for the shoot and seeing that this was one of her first that was great.
She had a lovely personality and took direction very well, considering that I put her in a difficult lighting set up straight off the bat, she did brilliantly.

I am going to run another course in a months time centered around using one small speed light, and I needed a subject for me to try this unusual lighting set up on, it entails using a small strobe behind and above the subject to get good light on her face. see the drawing on the web site to get a better idea as to how it is done.

As I was only interested in head shots and portrait work on this session. Natalie was perfect as she had a beautiful and easy to photograph face which made my job very easy.
I am looking forward to perhaps working with her again, to do some full length shots and some more portraiture.

The images will be up on my Web Site very soon.

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