Saturday, 28 January 2012

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin Photographic - Jada Pearl

Had a great shoot with a young model called Jada Pearl who is also a talented singer on Saturday at my home studio. We took 813 images which you can see on all my sites - well at least some of them - The lighting set ups were very easy as they are the ones we shall be using on the 5th Session of the Sunday DSLR Club course.

The next course on 12th February - Session 4 - will be all about using Flash and Ambient light together, it should be a very interesting session.

The last session I held on Sunday 22nd was using long lenses to compress the background which will be something that we will be doing a lot of in session 4 and 5.
We used a remote controlled car to practice panning as well as seeing to effects of Front and Rear curtain flash, To round of the session we used flash to freeze motion in the shape of a drip of milk, all the images can be seen either at www.sundaydslrclub or the Flickr page of the Club SundayDSLR Club.

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