Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin Photographic - OPS Sunday March 2011

Another great session arranged by the Oxford Photographic Society and run by Thomas Schonweitz who not only provided the expertise but most of the equipment, Dave Collier also brought his set up with his new Octobox and brought two Models along Sasha which I photographed last time and Chloe who was new to modeling and did a fantastic job not only was she very easy to photograph she had the look of a Pre-Raphaelite model.
I bought along my small studio lighting gear which is made by Inter-fit which is fine for my small studio but looked a little inadequate against Thomas and Dave's lights but none the less it served the purpose as Thomas wanted to do some single light set ups. The results can be seen on my website www.kimmartinphotographic.com mind you this is only 10% of the total taken on the day and that does not include the blackout ones as at one stage we had 4 Pocket Wizards trying to fire 1 light all at the same time which of course does not work.

This week I am getting my new Computer which is being made by Chillblast its their Fusion Beachhead with the i5 Intel Core Processor overclocked to 4GHz, 8 GB RAM and 1000GB Hard Disk. That should sort out all my problems with me having to slow down my speed so that the Computer can catch up, it should "fingers crossed" be the other way around.

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