Saturday, 9 July 2011

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin Photographic - The Big Sign

At last the Big Sign for the Kidlington Centre is now finished and will shortly be unveiled. I doubt that there will be any ceremony to the unveiling but it will be interesting to hear the comments from the locals.
The final shoot was done in the Centre using my favorite models, the lighting was natural with just two accent light one at the rear and one on the front this was because I was using a slow shutter speed and wanted to capture some facial definition as the Models walked by. It was Sunday when we did the shoot to minimise the number of people with in the Centre but even so people just walked through the shooting area without any concern to what was going on. I used 5 Models but when you see the final image you will see 8 people. All done in post production as were all the effects and additional lighting emanating from the shop windows.  We used a design Company called 180 Degrees Design for the layout.
This is definitely the biggest image I have ever produced being 6 meters by 4 and I am looking forward to doing a lot more work like this.

On the OPS (Oxford Photographic Society) front, I have been elected to the Committee as Hospitality Support, I will let you know what that's all about when I know.

At the moment I am doing my research for my next trip which is to Avila Spain in September, so if anyone has been and found some good locations in that place drop  me an e-mail at

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