Thursday, 17 February 2011

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin Photographic - First Studio Session with OPS

Sunday 13th February 2011.
Went to the Temple Cowley hall where the OPS meets, to do some studio work, having not been before I was not sure what to expect, once there I met with Thomas Schonweitz and Dave Collier who were running the session. Thomas was going  to do the teaching side of things at one end of the hall and Dave was setting up a set at the other for so model work. As I have had a few years experience I joined Dave to help him set up and pass on any advice to any one who asked for help. As there were only a few that wanted to do some Model work I got plenty of time with the Model, a young girl called Sasha, she was very good and easy to work with, a few of the photos from the session are on my WEB site
I took about 250, 50 of which are good and 70 OK the rest had minor problems which is to be expected when you are not working with your own lights and studio.

We tried out quite a few different set ups, but I still prefer my Clam Shell set up which gives a nice, almost Glamour light.
I hope to do more sessions like this and I believe Thomas wants to do a lot more studio and speedlight tutorials and I hope he will let me help.

Nothing more new on the equipment front. I did loose a laptop to a "Bubnix Gen A" virus which is extremely annoying, so I shall have to wait a bit until I can afford a new one and I expect I will go for a MAC as my main business computer is a MAC and I haven't had any problems with that.

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