Saturday, 21 May 2016

Oxford Photographer. Kim Martin Photographic. Commercial Professional Photographer. Segovia to Calpe and back through France

I recently bought a new lens which is the 24 to 85 mm zoom for my D810. The reason is that I don't want to carry any more equipment than I need to and the focal length of 24 to 85 is perfect for the type of photography that suits me.
I wanted to visit Segovia because I wanted to try out the lens on the Viaduct there, I also took my tripod and pano head, the end result is interesting.
I managed to get some other pano's which were hand held.

After Segovia we went to Calpe, I have probably photographed everything that is there. The only thing I hadn't done in Calpe was to try some long exposures of the coast. I tried a few 30 second exposures with all three of my ND filters stacked.

From Calpe we went for an over night stay in Murcia, then back to Calpe for a couple of weeks. Normally we would drive to Santander and back on the boat but this time we had news that the boat had been taken out of service due to technical reasons which meant we had to find another way home. We decided to get another boat from Saint Malo which meant an additional stop over in Tours which was a real treat as the buildings are wonderful.
The next day we got to St. Malo and had a good look around the walled town and took some images of the coast.

Finally even after being delayed due to another French strike we got home.

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