Monday, 18 April 2016


I was very lucky to have a few days in Venice. The weather was not great, you always hope for a bright sunny day when the places you visit sparkle. Luckily it was dry and overcast, so not so bad.
The problem with Venice is trying to get a new image different from the millions already out there. Which is impossible as not only is the place full of professional photographers, semi pro and the usual keen amateurs, it was also full to busting point with Orientals with Selfisticks who seem intent to photograph themselves in front of every inch of the place.

The large 360 Degree image of the Square was done on the Tripod with the following camera settings: ISO 64 1/125 sec at f11, using my 35mm prime lens in portrait.

I took around 700 images in total over the 3 days, we did a couple of trips, like the one to the Murano glass factory which was very interesting especially the demonstration. Another was a trip down the full length of the Grand Canal, where I had hoped to get some great shots, but ended up with just average ones as I was on a water bus and did not have a great position, non the less it was fun.

I trust you will enjoy the pics. If you want any info about the techniques either of taking or post processing please feel free to contact me.

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