Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin Photographic - Posing Guide

I have added this guide to help when you get stuck for ideas when posing. Its not an original idea but it is one I have improved upon, but I expect you will adjust and improve it to suit your own style.
It is by no means a definitive guide but it should help. Check out my site www.kimmartinphotographic.com 
It is broken down into 4 main sections the RED is the location and purple is what you can do with your subjects once placed in the location the BLUE is for what to do with your subjects once placed in the location and now you want to pose the subjects. The green is a reminder of some important things to note before pressing the shutter.
So if you are stuck for a location, look around your environment and see if there are any geometric shapes or lines which may be of interest. or look for repetitive textures which would make a good back drop but only if it were a single tone or colours that belong to the same family like trees and shrubs which would give you a variation of green tones. Then perhaps look for items that will give you layers and depth, using frames both natural, like plants or man made, like structures or gates and fences.
You can also use diffusion and reflection, photograph through materials or use glass or mirrors to reflect.

For the posing you could follow the dark blue line for several subjects or the light blue for an individual.

I trust this helps.

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