Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Erica Gouveia

I had a shoot just before Christmas with a new local model called Erica, she came with her Mum who was a great help as my Studio is small and there would not have been enough room for Amy, my assistant plus everyone else.
Luckily I had recently acquired an evening gown for my dummy which I was going to use for an upcoming course. I had bought a small size which luckily fitted Erica perfectly.
As the Christmas lights were up in the garden we did some shots in front of them and also added a little smoke. All lit with small strobes and Erica's Mum working the smoke.
We moved into the Studio for the remainder of the shoot, using a combination of soft boxes grids and beauty dish.
At the end of the shoot we had only fired off around 300 shots which is not that many for me, perhaps I am slowing down a little.
We did several outfit changes.
The post processing is a little bit strong for someone as young as Erica.
The next time we shoot I will have a better idea as to what the outcome will be and how the finished images will look. It is always a bit hit and miss on the first shoot with a new model and especially one without a great deal of experience. As a model, Erica was very easy to work with and took direction well, I am looking forward to the next shoot.
Happy New Year to you all, and keep the questions coming in.

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