Friday, 19 December 2014

Green Lamp 125W CFL Energy saving daylight light bulb 2700K E27

I was asked to do a review of the Green Lamp 125W CFL Energy saving daylight light bulb 2700K E27.
The reason was that I had just purchased one. I have included the short review below.

When I read something I tend first to believe what is written especially when it is from a reliable source like Amazon.
So Daylight means the light output is similar to Daylight and not as this light is balanced to Incandescent light.
I know its my fault, I didn't take any notice to the 2700K. Like most people you only see what you want and I saw DAYLIGHT.
But if you shoot in RAW then it is a piece of cake to get the Orange cast sorted and closer to the 6000K of daylight.
I looked at the picture of the light and deduced that it was of a size that would fit the light fitting I had had, to my surprise the light is very large and fits into the largest ES fitting, not the smallest.
The light quantity is only enough to give you an additional stop of light so you will need 4 or more for useful studio work.
Despite all that the light is well made and quite robust and without modifiers gives an OK addition to an indoor daylight shoot.I will put some images on my BLOG in a few days.

As I said I will include an image from the shoot. This was taken in daylight with the addition of the lamp. I shot it at f2.8 @ 1/30 of a sec. at ISO 200. The first image shows it straight out of camera and has that very noticeable Orange cast of Tungsten light.

The second is the adjusted one. The model is Natalye.

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