Wednesday, 29 October 2014

San Sebastian and Zaragosa

Just got back from a long drive through Spain, We started from the boat which landed in Bilbao. From there we drove to San Sebastian which took a couple of hours and stayed two nights. The place is brilliant and great for a longer stay the Tapas bars are probably the best in Spain.
When we were there they were in the middle of the Film Festival which made thing interesting.
The pictures I got from the stay were good, had I been there for a week I would have been able to improve on them. As I was with my wife I couldn't take to much time over each shot as I would have liked.
I took a few panoramic shot, all were hand held.

From San Sebastian we drove to the City of Zaragoza, which we have driven by so many times that we thought it was about time we stopped over for a night. The city and especially the area around the Basilica were beautiful. As were the Tapas bars again.

The next day we drove onto Calpe where we had friends arriving the next day, they were staying with us for 4 days one of which we spent in a hotel called Mont Sant in Xativa.

All the photographs taken on this trip are on my web site, follow the menu off the landing page to personal work then click on the Cities link.
In total the drive from door to door not including the two sea crossings was 1804 miles.

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