Thursday, 18 April 2013

New Shoot for Michael's Hair and Beauty

I haven't done much this year in the way of photography, I seem to be spending more time with the Grandchildren, which is great.

I've bought a few items for my studio lights, mainly reflectors and grids as well as some gels, so I am looking forward to trying them out soon.

My latest work has been for Michael and Company, photographing 4 hair models, 3 girls and 1 boy in my home studio.
The photographs will soon be on Michael's site, then I will put them on Flickr.
I got rid of the posing stool and used a couple of white boxes which I made and that seem to make it more interesting as far as the poses went, enabling the models to get into some different body positions which would not have been possible with or without the stool.

The next shoot was for a friends 60th birthday party which was held in a converted barn in Cambridge.
I made a photo-booth style set up with just one light which was in a large soft box. As each guest arrive I shot the couple then took another one of them with the hosts. I then, after dinner did the usual table shots and then the dancing  and as I dislike dancing it is always a good excuse for me to be otherwise occupied with my camera which does not go down to too well with my wife. One day when I am long gone people are going to assume my wife was single as there are hundreds if not thousands of pictures of her at parties and none of me as I never get out from behind the camera, I really should do something about that.

If you need or want any technical info on the set-ups let me know.

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