Thursday, 13 December 2012

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin - Natalye- 0001

Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin - Natalye- 0001 by KimMartinPhotographic
Oxford Photographer - Kim Martin - Natalye- 0001, a photo by KimMartinPhotographic on Flickr.

Images from my latest shoot. The Model is Natalye, she was excellent, a very professional model despite her age, I contacted her on Model Mayhem and surprisingly enough she responded and turned up, unlike a lot of other models that are on the site.

The lighting set up was very easy and once set I didn't have to change it regardless of how Natalye posed or what position in the studio she was. It does help to have a small studio which is all white though.
I wanted to use my new soft box which is a 3 x 4 foot box. I set it up as show in the diagram.

With my next model I will use my new Parabolic reflector and see which I prefer, I will post those images after the session.

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